SUSTAINABLE THEORY: Less mining and manufacture

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Climate and Health Proposal Against Adverse Capital:

The purpose of this proposal is to stop climate change. I care very much about the environment, people and animals. Global warming is caused by corporations, but just one effect corporations have on the environment.

Corporate activity causes severe air, water and land pollution, which has led to climate change, but also disease, illness and death. Asthma, autism, cancer, diabetes, heart failure and obesity, physical and mental injuries, suicide and extreme weather issues are some of the many examples. This proposal helps to prevent these issues too.

Corporations have harmed the environment and people’s lives because they are not prevented by the law. Instead corporations by law have a duty to maximize profit. Directors have a duty to do what’s in the best interest of the corporation, which is interpreted as maximizing shareholder profit. This leads to profit before people and the environment. This proposal is a simple way to change business to prevent harm and promote health.

The proposal is one federal law. Even though other laws and regulations will change as a result, this law starts the process. I propose that we limit corporate profit by decreasing environmental exploit and manufacture to protect human rights and national security. Let's ask Congress to cap corporate profit to lower the global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level to achieve these goals. If they do not, let's vote for those who will. 

This prevents cancer and other diseases, but I am happy to say there are benefits besides environmental and physical health.

This law limits corporate profit, which lowers salaries and dividends. It will narrow the income gap. There will be less problems and violence in society without extreme differences in wages.

Racism, genderism and ageism are examples of corporate profit and personal gain at another’s loss. If we end the wage gap we have a better chance of equality, equity and less social strife!

This proposal makes healthcare and life saving medication affordable to everyone, ends dire poverty and housing crises, prevents crime and changes work conditions to benefit people.

It will prevent political corruption, cut taxes with small government and less regulation, stop violence from domestic mass killing and radical Islam and prevent harm to military in wars for profit.

This is a true billionaire’s proposal because it has potential to save billions of lives.


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